About Us

Neighbor to Neighbor Project

The Neighbor to Neighbor Project is a new concept developed in Josephine County, Oregon to raise awareness among our citizens of the importance of safety and preparedness and to guide them to good information as well as opportunities to volunteer in their community.

We seek to reach our neighbors not only to better prepare them for emergencies but to help connect them to each other as a way to strengthen our community for a better, safer and more prepared future. To that end, our special emphasis is Citizen Corps Council, first here in Josephine County but then elsewhere around the country.

For more information, see Our Mission

Citizen Corps Council of Josephine County

Citizen Corps Council of Josephine County is federal non-profit organization made up of four groups with city and county divisions: Neighborhood Watch; Community Emergency Response Team; Volunteers in Police Service; and Medical Reserve Corps.

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)
MRC is dedicated to establishing teams of local volunteer medical and public health professionals to contribute their skills and expertise throughout the year as well as during times of community need. 541-474-5325

Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS)
VIPS offers training and volunteer opportunities to citizens who would like to work with local law enforcement agencies to provide various services and to maintain a visual presence during community events.  541-474-6374 (city)  541-474-5123 (county)

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)
CERT provides preparedness and response training to citizens in order to build skilled volunteer teams that can respond to assist our communities during emergencies and at special events throughout the year.  For further information call 541-761-4685

Neighborhood Watch
This is a simple and fun way citizens can learn how to protect their neighborhoods by posting signs, meeting with neighbors, watching their neighborhood, and being eyes and ears for law enforcement.  541-474-6374 (city)  541-474-5123 (county)