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Our Mission & Vision

Neighborliness – is not just something you find in American history books. It’s who we are as a people, whether we live in big cities or small towns. At Neighbor To Neighbor Project, we believe that this statement is not only true, it is also the way forward to a safer, stronger and more secure community.

In that spirit, we seek to help our neighbors become more aware of their neighborhood by providing the tools they need to work together in time of emergency. The key to security is “information and connection,” both of which prevent isolation, lack of resources and panic.

After all, the more our neighbors know about Safety & Preparedness, the safer we are. And the more we know about Safety & Preparedness, the safer our neighbors are. So why not work together?


How to protect yourself - What to do if you are sick

Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

Family Emergency Preparedness Handbook – 2010 — Click to read the PDF file…

Getting connected:
If you sense that something’s missing in America, you’re not alone. We’ve lost something – something precious – a sense of neighborliness, which is so much a part of our American history and so central to our traditions of community. Somehow, we’ve lost connection with each other. 

Now more than ever, it is important that we try to “reconnect” because when it comes to Safety & Preparedness (S&P), a little neighborliness goes a long way to establishing calm during an emergency.

Founded in 2010 in Josephine County, Oregon, the Neighbor to Neighbor Project (N2NP) is a promotional campaign that seeks to inform our communities about Safety & Preparedness. 

Along with a helpful website (connecting people to various official resources), the N2NP system depends on 2 things: First, a printable flyer full of officially approved S&P information and second, cooperative affinity groups in your community (including churches and businesses) who are willing to make the flyer available to their neighbors. Truly, we are all in this together, whatever the emergency. 

Again, the more our neighbors know about safety and preparedness, the safer we are. And the more we know, the safer they are – so let’s work together!

Here’s the key question:
If you thought it would really help your community (whether big city or small town), would you be willing to print out a flyer and leave it at your neighbor’s door – a two-sided color flyer full of Safety & Preparedness information? 

In our founding County, local law enforcement gave us full support. They thought this little step of connecting and informing neighbors could make a big difference when an emergency finally comes.

Our local public school districts also stepped up, sending out the N2NP flyer to all their parents. We’re hoping that this kind of support will be matched by the public schools in your area, all of whom understand the importance of emergency preparedness. 

The question is, do your neighbors understand the need for preparedness? The odds are they don’t – or if they do, they simply haven’t acted on their own knowledge. You can help them, and in that way also protect your neighborhood – and ultimately, your whole community.

So challenge yourself, your family, your friends and coworkers to become a part of the solution by joining this effort to make your community a safer and more secure place to live. It’s an easy and a neighborly thing to do.

Thank you.

The Neighbor To Neighbor Project