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Neighbor To Neighbor Project

Providing the information you need for a safer community: How you can help…or get help when you need it!

Getting connected:
If you sense that something's missing in America, you're not alone. We've lost something – something precious – a sense of connection – of neighborliness, which is so much a part of our American history – and so central to our traditions of community. Somehow we've lost connection with each other. In Josephine County we're trying to change that because when it comes to "safety and preparedness, a little neighborliness goes a long way.

The Neighbor to Neighbor Project is a biannual, six-month promotional campaign to inform Josephine County residents about "safety & preparedness." Although the promotional campaign to get the word out ends in October that shouldn't stop folks from passing the Neighbor to Neighbor Project flyer out.

After all, the more our neighbors know about safety and preparedness, the safer we are. And the more we know, the safer they are – so why not work together?

Here's the key question:
If you thought it would really help your community, would you be willing to put a flyer on your neighbor's doorstep – a two-sided color flyer full of "safety & preparedness" information? County and City law enforcement think that little step could make a big difference!

Both school districts have sent out the flyer out (along with most private schools) and we're hoping their enthusiasm will be matched by the rest of Josephine County. We want this site to be helpful to you in preparing your neighborhood for any kind of emergency.

Challenge yourself, your family, and your friends to become a part of the solution by joining this effort to make our community a safer and more secure place to live.

Thank you.

The Neighbor to Neighbor Project
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