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Addiction is every community’s problem. If you have a community or neighborhood question or concern about substance abuse issues, public health, or public safety, please call:

Jo-Co Substance Abuse Community Action
Team (SACAT): 541-474-5234

Your Decision – Your life – Your Neighborhood

If you need help with a specific substance, call the following for 12-step supported groups listed here below: If you have any questions, need treatment, suicide prevention, or help of any kind, call 41-479-HELP

Please Note: For each cycle of the Neighbor to Neighbor Project (every other year) we will pick a special focus for that year’s flyer. Although our primary focus is Safety & Preparedness issues, we know there are other real needs, and that addressing those needs will also lead to a healthier community. The Neighbor to Neighbor Project "special focus" seeks to demonstrate the importance of facing all our troubles together.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous

Celebrate Recovery

JO CO Alcohol
& Drug Treatment